We are proud to offer a vast selection of products from various well-known and lesser-known brands.
Below you’ll find a short introduction to each, explaining what sets them apart:

Nemesis Workshops has 18 years of expertise, focuseing on crafting LARP and recreational combat weapons. Initially engaged in diverse creative pursuits including costume and set design for theater and cinema, and crafting leather accessories, their journey led them to specialize in weapon manufacturing. Their global recognition stems from turning dreams into reality with uniquely designed, high-quality composite weapons distributed world-wide. Their commitment to innovation is complemented by new technologies enhancing their Athena range weapons, making them accessible to all. Their collaborative and inclusive culture fosters a dream team of craftsmen, artists, and inventors dedicated to supporting and elevating each other's work, ensuring a transparent and family-oriented company atmosphere.

Rawblade is focused on the world of medieval reenactment and LARP. They rely on the know-how of Spanish crafts, with a long tradition of furs, leather, and steel, to contribute to the market. Inspired by the famous Toledo steel, Rawblade also develops armour and chainmail. The team behind Rawblade comes from the expertise acquired at Eviltailors, El Taller de la Rosa, and Iron Buta. The hard work in designs and ideas that make up the Rawblade catalogue is the result of inspiration in the world of medieval fantasy that has accompanied them since childhood. Both hats and leather goods are made 100% in Spain, adding the seal of quality of their crafts.

Founded in 2004 in the cold windswept plains of eastern Canada, Calimacil set out from its inception to become a world-class supplier of high-end LARP and historical re-enactment foam weapons.
Their lavishly decorated designs are inspired by the martial lore of history, legends and stories taken directly from the dreamscapes of heroic fantasy.
Calimacil is also focused on providing the highest levels of customization available on the market. They allow you to create the sword you want through a whole series of options you can pick from, creating a product that meets your every needs.


Burgschneider produces clothing from all epochs of the middle age. Their team has 2 decades of practical knowledge about the design and production of historical garments and accessories. Their inventory has expanded in 2023 to include Dungeons & Dragons costumes & gear.

Only wondrous weaponry and extraordinary equipment ever leave the Epic Armoury! Their tale began in 2008 when the limited selection of quality live action role-playing (LARP) products drove an adventurous party of store owners to manufacture their own. This endeavour rapidly evolved into a company, Iron Fortress, that established itself firmly on the flatland fields of southern Scandinavia and now delivers products to the far corners of the world. Their goal is to ensure that every epic adventurer is equipped for their quest!

The invaluable icing on the courageous cake is the special effects. Epic Effect provides the details that make the good look great and the excellent appear epic. Epic Effect offers an ever-growing range of high-quality masks, prosthetics, trophies, contact lenses, make-up, and special effects.

Few things offer better protective qualities than iron and steel with historical armour. But with it also comes disadvantages like weight, inflexibility and the need for constant maintenance to protect against rust. 

As an alternative, Epic Armoury offers the Light Kit brand, a range of armours made of polyurethane (PU) to resemble authentic metal, quarter the weight of steel. Each piece is hand-painted with a durable acrylic finish and detailed to appear as realistic as possible. In contrast to traditional metal armours, the Light Kit armours are more comfortable and maintenance-free. The flexible design enables it to bend to your body contours in ways rigid steel cannot.

The Ready for Battle collection offers attractive weapons and costuming for young and new players. The range includes all the live-action role-playing (LARP) basics you need to complete your kit. It includes weapons, shields, metal and leather armour, apparel and accessories.

Dark Moon features grim and improvised weapons for modern, future, and post-apocalyptic live-action role-play. 

The Dark Moon product range is designed with safety in mind. Their latex weapons are designed with layers of foam coated in 100% natural latex, while injection-moulded weapons are made by injecting or pouring expanding polyurethane foam into a base mould. The weapons are constructed with a fibreglass core providing durability and flexibility for comfort and control. These cores can excellently absorb impact and minimise the force of a blow.

The blades from the Stronghold bring craftsmanship to another level. These foam weapons have realistic, intricately designed, and reinvent live-action role-playing (LARP) weapons!

The construction of Stronghold weapons differs from other LARP weapons on the market by consisting of four assembled components. By constructing a sword this way, it is possible to choose the material of each part to optimise their respective functions. The Stronghold design emphasises high security, low energy transfer by impact, extreme durability, minimal maintenance and realistic appearance. Stronghold swords are hand-painted on the handle and blade to provide a beautiful and genuine aesthetic.