We value the moments. The moments that change us for the better. When our hearts beat and our eyes meet. When we stand together, band together, and bond together. When we become characters and immerse ourselves in fictional and historical settings. We believe that play-acting in positive communities cultivates personal growth, and our mission is to provide people with the means to act out their adventures.

To achieve this, we design, manufacture, and distribute a wide range of safe and functional apparel and equipment for historical re-enactment, live-action role-playing and entertainment productions.

Our brands cater to different styles of role-playing and play-acting, such as Epic Armoury for fantasy settings, Dark Moon for post-apocalyptic settings, and Yoremade for historical settings inspired by past cultural eras of Europe. We have also teamed up with other industry-leading brands, inspiring and supporting each other towards providing the best selection of products and helping you prepare for your next adventure. DO ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY