Raise Your Horns!

In the spirit of medieval grandeur, Medieval Merchant proudly presents an expanded celebration of artisanal hornware. From the hearty laughter of taverns to the clarion calls of the battlefield, our drinking and signal horns are designed to weave authenticity into your reenactments and LARP experiences. Each horn, meticulously shaped from genuine materials, is an echo of history, waiting to amplify your narrative. Medieval Merchant, your portal to the past, invites you to grasp tradition, enrich your character's story, and revel in the shared camaraderie of kindred spirits. Join us, and let your adventures be heard across time.

Enjoy a 10% discount on hornware.


How to weather textile costume pieces?

In this video, the Merchant, a skilled curator and craftsman, unveils a collection of DIY techniques to artfully age your garments for LARP, reenactment, cosplay etc. all achievable within the comfort of one's dwelling. He discusses methods of texturing, colouring and dyeing, and the nuanced application of spray and brush to obtain an authentic and realistic appearance for your character.

We shall be enriching our YouTube channel with more enlightening pieces such as this in the near future.


In the vibrant tableau of our rebranding, we introduce the Merchant, a savant in the vast world of larp and reenactment equipment. This distinguished character serves as a purveyor and a connoisseur, imparting wisdom and insights through our social media platforms. With a keen eye for detail, a profound understanding of the nuances of our offerings, and of both fantastical and historical aesthetics, the Merchant navigates you through the intricacies of our wares, illuminating their practical applications and the exquisite benefits they bestow upon their users.

Though the visage of our Merchant may change, the essence of his counsel remains steadfast and true. He is your trusted guide, offering recommendations and an invitation to expand your imagination.

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