In the Middle Ages, tabards served as a canvas of identity, worn over armour to display heraldic symbols, denoting allegiance and lineage. These versatile garments were not just for knights; the peasant fyrd would wear simple and worn tabards, showing fealty to their lord.

Today, in LARP and reenactment, tabards transcend their historical utility, becoming a tool for storytelling. Whether you joust at a medieval market or fight on the thick battle lines, a tabard can signal factions, rank, experience and much more.

Choosing a tabard, whether you desire one of leather, like Rawblades John Tabard or if your wishes are towards a lighter cloth, we recommend the Clement Tabard. Both tabards and most others in our sortiment are ready for use or to personalise and customise.


In the vibrant tableau of our rebranding, we introduce the Merchant, a savant in the vast world of larp and reenactment equipment. This distinguished character serves as a purveyor and a connoisseur, imparting wisdom and insights through our social media platforms. With a keen eye for detail, a profound understanding of the nuances of our offerings, and of both fantastical and historical aesthetics, the Merchant navigates you through the intricacies of our wares, illuminating their practical applications and the exquisite benefits they bestow upon their users.

Though the visage of our Merchant may change, the essence of his counsel remains steadfast and true. He is your trusted guide, offering recommendations and an invitation to expand your imagination.


LarpSpot becomes Medieval Merchant as we strive to continue being among the favoured shops for larpers, as well as historical-reenactors, fantasy and dark-age enthusiasts. The Medieval Merchant with a discerning eye and exquisite selection, extends an invitation to explore treasures vast and varied. To celebrate this change, we offer up to 20% discount on our entire collection* until the 11th of February.

“Do enjoy your journey.”

*excluding Gift Cards, Battle Bundles and Tents.

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