We value the moments. The moments that change us for the better. When our hearts beat and our eyes meet. When we find each other in the darkness and stand together. When we create and uphold an illusion, play together, and discover something true about ourselves.

Medieval Merchant is part of Iron Fortress, which aims to inspire and empower people through recreational, immersive experiences. We believe people’s lives can be greatly improved by pushing personal boundaries together through play-acting in a positive community.

To achieve this, we design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of apparel and equipment for live-action role-playing. We have also teamed up with other industry-leading brands, inspiring and supporting each other towards providing the best selection of products and helping you prepare for your next adventure.

Each product is meant to be an extension of your imagination as you immerse yourself in fictional or historical characters and settings. By safely acting out our wildest, weirdest, worst or most wondrous traits together, we connect and grow as people and can help others do the same. ONE FOR ALL.